Strategic Projects

Finger Print System Attendance at Department of Manpower and Transmigration

Development of web based employee information system attendance with finger print and card in Department of Manpower and Transmigration

The making of Data Base and Program Management Information System Planning of Regional Development (SIMRENDA) District Kotawaringin East Kalimantan Province

Provide a reference for the region to arrange the data and information that shows the strengths and weaknesses of the local availability (supply), needs (demand), keberdayaan local governments, and the financial system and security
Establishing a standard format of recording information and data to be collected by the           regions to support the Data Center Planning and Regional Development Control

Instruments and preparation Monitoring and Evaluation System Application Development Siak in the Ministry of Home Affairs

Establishing instruments monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of development activities conducted in Kampar regency.
Develop monitoring and evaluation of applications Siak offline and online so that the implementation monitoring and evaluation can walk fast, accurate and integrated with the central.

Information System Officer Department of Agriculture
Develop a database system and application software (software) such as Information Systems Officer (SIMPEG) are based on the website as a tool (tools) and the provision of data and information on employees who have in the environment Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia can know exactly and accurately.

Management Information System Equipment
Developing Management Information System Equipment (SIMKAB) are based on the website as a tool (tools) and the provision of data and information on goods and equipment that have dilingkup Department of Agriculture

Administration System and the Academic Lectures
Build and develop a system that is used educational institutions (with LAN and WAN) for data processing, administration and learning activities / teaching both faculty / staff and students so that all required.

Online Licensing System
Build and develop a system that is used for local government data processing administrative licensing both procedures, requirements, and costs. This system has been implemented in the Regional Government of Blitar East Java, the Regional Government of Kutai Kartanegara regency of East Kalimantan and Central Plant Variety Protection Department of Agriculture.